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Without our innovative plastics and compounds, a lot of products for everyday needs would be totally impossible in their current form. They make vehicle interiors more pleasant, grips on household devices more comfortable, trains safer, agricultural foils more weather-resistant, packaging more attractive and the whole world more colorful and simpler.

We offer our employees lots of freedom and creative possibilities and live our values „Open, Honest, Listen, Accountable“ in our daily interactions with one another.

Our Kerpen site doesn’t just offer the proximity of Germany’s probably most well-known kart track – we’re quick to reach thanks to perfect transport connections: Cologne, Aachen and Düsseldorf are situated practically on our doorstep.

Your satisfaction and that of our employees means a great deal to us. Find out more about what makes us so special as an employer.

  • 1928

    A. Schulman is founded in Akron/Ohio (USA)

  • 1952

    First branch in Hannover, Germany

  • 1956

    Relocation to Cologne

  • 1966

    Setup of production in Kerpen-Sindorf

  • 1977

    Relocation of company base to Kerpen-Sindorf

  • 1980

    Production of engineered plastics begins

  • 2002

    The new production hall P3 is completed

  • 2015

    Purchase of the new administration building with modern furnishings

  • 2016

    Our new canteen opens

4.800as_yellow-divideremployees worldwide

464as_yellow-divideremployees in Germany, of which 102 women, 362 men, 12 apprentices

46as_yellow-divideryears old is the average age of our employees

13,7as_yellow-divideryears average duration of employment speaks to satisfied employees. Our “oldest” colleague has been with us for 38 years now!

30 as_yellow-dividerdays vacation time as well as three additional days at Carnival, Christmas and New Year

20 as_yellow-dividerminutes away from Cologne, 30 minutes from Aachen, 40 from Düsseldorf

42.500as_yellow-dividerm2 (that’s more than 10 football fields) ground space in Kerpen alone

6.000 as_yellow-dividerm2 production space

68.000 as_yellow-dividertons of production capacity on 10 twin-screw extruders

Unsere Werte open, listen, honest und accountable

Our values of “Open, Honest, Listen, Accountable” are things we live in our everyday work together and aren’t just words on paper. Our corporate culture is characterized by appreciative interaction with one another based on partnership. Everyone can get involved and make a contribution.

We are open to ideas, innovations and suggestions from our employees. We live transparency and have a healthy culture of information.

Honest: We are honest with ourselves and our customers. True to the motto “put the dead fish on the table”, we encourage our employees to handle mistakes openly so that we can find a solution together. That’s how we build trust. Even critical topics are discussed openly and constructively with us, even between the different levels of hierarchy.

Listen: We listen to each other and the customer. Our employees’ focus is on the satisfaction of our customers. Our focus is on the satisfaction of our employees. We therefore conduct an employee survey every three months, for example, so that we always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to our employees. And you can find out more about what else we do to satisfy our employees below!

Accountable: We are responsible for our own conduct. We convey this conscientiousness to our employees at an early stage – from apprentices all the way through to seasoned managers.

Die Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf wird bei A. Schulman gelebt

We want our employees to feel good working for us and for them to be able to harmonize family with work. We offer you the maximum degree of freedom so that you can easily balance your job with your children or taking care of dependents. In this way, we make it possible for our employees to better combine private appointments with work. Our solution for this is “FlexMo” – flexible and mobile working – in your home office or wherever else you would prefer to work the most. This also lets us live up to our values – trusting and independent work!

Of course, we also support you with the corresponding equipment and provide you with modern pool laptops and cellphones. After all, what’s private should stay private and work should be work!

To ensure that the compatibility of family and work functions even better, we also offer you the option to convert your salary into free time. This makes it possible to take longer breaks. And the best: You retain your workspace even during longer periods away!

Unsere Außenterrasse am Standort Kerpen

Working with us isn’t just fun, in addition to lots of freedom and responsibility our employees also profit from numerous benefits and special services.

We have more to offer you than just a good salary and standardized reimbursement model. For example, you receive an attractive retirement package, work disability insurance and capital-forming benefits. To improve the compability of family and job,

e.g. to safeguard your “work-love balance”, we allow you to convert your salary into free time. This way, you have more time for your loved ones or hobbies.

You also receive vacation/Christmas bonus as well as an anniversary bonus if you’ve worked for the company for many years. And on top of the 30 days’ vacation, you also receive a gift of one extra vacation day at Christmas, New Year and Carnival.

We provide free ice cream for every employee on hot summer days. On Saint Martin’s Day, each of our employees will find a Weckmann at their desk and at Christmas they’ll find a person Christmas gift at their workspace.


Unsere Kantine am Standort Kerpen bietet sogar W-LAN!

We’re particularly proud of our new canteen. Here you can choose between various meals and lots of fresh types of salad. But our meals prepared freshly everyday don’t just taste nice in this stylish ambience – our beautiful outdoor terrace also invites you to linger a while. You’re always online thanks to Wi-Fi and can manage your tasks away from the office day-to-day while choosing one of the many coffee specialties. And speaking of coffee: there are coffee machines and water fountains located on every floor. This applies both to the office floors as well as in production. Of course, we don’t let our tea drinkers go thirsty either.

You see, we do all we can to make sure you feel good here with us. And much, much more!

Personalentwicklung_Weiterbildung bei A. Schulman

The personal development and further training of our employees is close to our heart. Thus we have e.g. the “Front Line Manager” program for young and budding managers.

Front Line Manager

In this program, we teach you basic management instruments according to our values, but also our understanding of good management as well as current topics such as VUCA (management in a very agile field). Not only is learning at the forefront, but so is discussion in an international setting. Managers from all of our sites come together, learn together and enrich one another with different cultures and experiences. The participants are accompanied by their managers and HR business partners in the process. Using coaching measures and corresponding tools such as 360° Feedback, you receive perfect feedback about how you are seen through the eyes of your manager, your employees and colleagues, but also by your customers.

Manager of Manager

For ambitious employees, we build on this by offering the “Manager of Managers” program. Here you learn about what changes when you manage managers themselves and what new challenges this entails.

For ambitious employees in middle management, we build on this by offering the “Manager of Managers” program. Here you learn about what changes when you manage managers themselves and what new challenges this entails. Some of the main focuses included subjects such as leading change processes, developing teams and lots of self-reflection. Additionally, the group in this program also works on a social project of its choice. The international “Manager of Managers” group always offers lots of discussion and mutual inspiration.

International Careers

Schulman is a globally active company. You can find us around the world in over 60 locations – always close to the customer. It’s therefore totally possible that you could start an international career beginning with Kerpen. Our apprentices also gather international experience. They get to know one of our European branches over a period of three weeks – such as e.g. our finance shared service center in Poland. In the process, they familiarize themselves with the procedures on site and also gain valuable intercultural experiences as an additional plus.

To promote the exchange of expertise and networking of our employees between one another, our employees from EMEA take part in regular training sessions in our Academy.

We also offer every employee the option of individual further training measures – for example, also via our e-learning platform.

You can grow through your work with us too. And we offer lots of that. We can promise you one thing: you won’t get bored.

Nicht nur unseren Mitarbeitern sondern auch unseren Kunden und Geschäftspartnern bietet die Academy ein breites Angebot.

The A. Schulman Academy:

Knowledge³: Create Knowledge – Exchange Knowledge – Implement Knowledge. We are convinced that this interconnection releases new synergies that motivate us to design the future together, successfully.

The three key areas of the A. Schulman Academy Create Knowledge – Exchange Knowledge – Implement Knowledge exemplify the interconnectedness of these aspects.

You can find more about  A. Schulman Academy and Trainings here.

Ergonomische Arbeitsplätze und mehr

The subject of work safety is top priority for us. We provide personal safety equipment at no extra cost. We also have an eye on physical risks. Electrically height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs not only take the burden off your daily work, they also minimize unbalanced loads. And so it’s no wonder that many of our employees like to work while standing. Unbalanced and physical loads are also minimized for our employees in production. We’re instituted ergonomic workspaces here too. And we have our own company doctor who’s regularly on site and advises our employees as a means of prevention.

In addition to this, we offer flu vaccinations and take part in company runs on a regular basis – also as a way to boost team spirit. And our employees do love to run. That’s why we not only have self-organized running groups, our location is the optimal starting point for longer or even not quite so long running routes. Naturally, you can then also take a shower on our premises too.

When are we meeting up for the next run?

Kerpen has lately become a byword since the most famous kart track in Germany  ein Begriff. Diese ging allerdings erst 24 Jahre nach dem wir unseren Standort bezogen haben, an den Start. Kerpen ist mit ca. 67.000 Einwohnern die größte Stadt des Rhein-Erft-Kreises und liegt westlich von Köln.

was established here. However, this started up 24 years after we set up our site here. With 67,000 inhabitants, Kerpen is the largest city in the Rhein-Erft area and lies to the west of Cologne.

Our site in Kerpen-Sindorf is optimally situated for transport connections. The journey takes 20 minutes from Cologne by car or S train. And thanks to the excellent freeway connection, you can also reach our site in 30 minutes from Aachen or 45 minutes from Düsseldorf. Naturally, you can park your car comfortably in one of the many free parking spaces directly in front of our door.

We’re also easy to reach with the S train. It takes 30 minutes from Sindorf station on foot, of course it’s quicker with the bus (every 20 minutes) or by bike. Many of our employees appreciate the close proximity to the airport/Cologne due to their business trips all over Europe.

You’ll also find a diverse range of shopping options in close proximity to our site where you can even do your shopping on your break. But who wants to do that – off to the canteen?

You can find out more about Kerpen here:

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The team is unbeatable. Everyone helps each other, respects each other and the way people are with each other is unparalleled.

Magdalena Piegsa - Customer Service Representative
Magdalena Piegsa
Customer Service Representative